I am not sure if I am the best person to write about this emotion. Although I have had my fair share of fearful encounters, there are objects and situations I fear. I choose to face it or not face it and then move on.

The fear I am talking…

Rim Naam…

Radha is gazing down at the shimmering water which is glowing in full glory in that full moon night. She has no lingering thoughts within her. Just a complete, calm and nostalgic stare which lay on the lake. The lake which has been her most favorite companion since…

Call in the Reinforcements

I have heard a saying multiple times since childhood — ‘God helps those who help themselves.’ I have recently discovered another facet of helping myself — which is asking for help! Till the time we are in these mortal bodies, there are going to be circumstances…

- Where is the time to meditate?

  • I am not the meditating kind.
  • I am an atheist.
  • I don’t believe in meditation.
  • I can’t control my thoughts.
  • I fall asleep as soon as I begin meditating.
  • I can’t sit in a particular posture for long.
  • My work/painting/dancing/writing is my meditation.

Where have I heard it? Just this morning, while speaking to a vendor. I, myself, have repeated the phrase, ‘time is money’, multiple times to multiple people before. It was either to push someone to take action or even just to prove a point.

Being in the ‘conversing with my…

On Manifestation!

It is true and I strongly believe that our thoughts create our reality. We have the option to choose, to think and feel in any manner we wish to, and that materializes before us.

The first step in creating the life that we wish to live,

- is…

Gratitude Revisited!

Why do this wave of complaining tide over us more often than necessary?

Being a victim of this ‘complaint’ mode for the last two months, I can confidently say that we are unaware how easily we fall prey to this. We do not even realize what it does…


Seeker, Self Awareness Catalyst, Author, Traveller, Stylist, Energy Healer. Insta: @catalyst_for_growth

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