Such a big word! Paid such little importance to!

Observing the changes in me, around me, and in people close to me, for over a year now, makes me think, what has really caused this? The only answer I get is, it has all stemmed from Faith. When I look back today, I can recall the afternoon, when I believed I had hit rock bottom. One can call it a ‘voice’ in the head, or some sort of a ‘sign’, which asked me to begin, with a constant reminder to myself, to have Faith. Faith in exactly what, I didn’t know, but Faith, that all will be and IS OK.

I came to understand the meaning and significance of it with time.

- Step 1: It starts from placing Faith on the fact, that, ‘Everything happens for a reason’. We will connect the dots with time.

- Step 2: Next in the process is Surrender. ‘Placing Faith and Surrendering’ to situations which I can’t control. Faith and surrender goes hand in hand. If you begin with faith, but have your suspicions too, now and then, then you haven’t truly let go. And where there is doubt, there can’t be faith. Complete Surrender, with Faith are the two staunch tools which are sailing me through. Both comes with practice and constant reminder to myself.

But a question, ‘what is this faith?’, and on ‘whom or what?’ always remained with me. The quest for knowledge, which I have developed, led me to The Bhagwat Gita.

“śhraddhāvān labhate jñānaṁ tat-paraḥ sanyatendriyaḥ
jñānaṁ labdhvā parāṁ śhāntim achireṇādhigachchhati”

The explanation brought me complete satisfaction. ‘Faith is not blind belief. It is the aspiration of the soul to gain wisdom.’ I reread it and kept repeating. Finally, it made complete sense.

The process which follows is this:

Through Faith and Surrender we are just letting things be — From struggling, fighting, cribbing and crying, we come to a state of being — when we are just being, we are silent inside, being just with us and ourselves — when we are silent, mind is freed from pre-conceived notions and ideas, judgement and biases — when that happens there is much more space created in mind — where there is space, inspiration flows — when inspiration flows in, it becomes a seamless task for us to solve any ‘problem’ — effortlessly, happily, and with love we perform — the perception changes and everything starts happening on its own!

Imagine Inspiration like a permanent visitor at your door. As soon as you create space in your home, it will step in, on its own. You wouldn’t need to chase.

The flow therefore, is simple:

Faith + Surrender = Inspiration = Shift in Perception = Shift in Circumstances = State of constant Happiness.

So when we hear next, ‘choose to be happy’, it means choose to have faith. Trust the process and watch the magic happen.

Faith is the food I feast on now…

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