On Manifestation!

It is true and I strongly believe that our thoughts create our reality. We have the option to choose, to think and feel in any manner we wish to, and that materializes before us.

The first step in creating the life that we wish to live,

- is to understand this truth

- next, we constantly live this truth. We do come in and out of this belief because of the conditioned mind and our surroundings. Eventually, the truth does settle in, that we are in-fact the makers of our life

Once we completely live this truth, we come to realize that all we can think and feel, and wish to convert to reality is purely for sensory fulfillment. Since, thoughts are the bubbles of the mind, whose only purpose is to keep the senses happy, our wishes for ourselves get restricted only to the limitations of the mind.

So what do we do? How do we let our ‘best version’ manifest, when the mind cannot think beyond the senses?


- Faith, that whatever situations we are in at present, is for our highest good

- Faith, that even after having the best thoughts for ourselves, the reality looks completely different, it is all leading up to a greatest vision the universe has for us

- Faith, in accepting and embracing it all, for this all has a higher purpose

- Faith, that we are taken care of and loved deeply

- Faith, in that unknown itself, which we have been fearful of till now…

- and Faith on that which the mind cannot even begin to imagine, that is the plan in-store for us.

True manifestation I believe, is when our unending, relentless and unlimited Faith manifests.

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